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Rethinking the employee handbook

From 401(k) plans to paid time off, learn how to spotlight your additional benefits in Exhale.

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In addition to important workplace policies, your employee handbook probably contains a wealth of benefits-related information that employees hardly see after their first week.

Let's change that.

Using Exhale's Handbook Perk, you can publish any benefit you want in Exhale, giving employees easy visibility to additional company benefits instead of burying them in a hard-to-access manual.

Examples might include:

  • A referral or recruiting bonus
  • Information about your 401(k) program
  • Commission based on product sales

Do you have benefits you want to make sure your employees know about? Then our Handbook Perk is for you!

Handbook Perks in action: a case study

Great Clips franchise owners Marc and Robbie Massie started using Exhale in 2022. In addition to offering Exhale’s financial benefits to their salon staff, the Massies had a long list of available bonuses and benefits that were already part of their employee handbook.

Marc and Robbie worked with the Exhale team to publish 12 of their pre-existing benefits in Exhale, including student loan reimbursements, paid time off, and a split shift bonus.

After displaying these benefits up front in the Exhale app, the Massies noticed a dramatic impact:

  • A significant increase in productivity and bonuses awarded within 10 months.
  • A boost in recruitment and onboarding efforts, giving their business a competitive advantage.
  • Fewer questions about the employee handbook, freeing up time to focus on running the business.

Not to mention, their stylists appreciated the personal touch. "Employees view Exhale as an extension of us as business owners," says Robbie Massie, who added that employees regularly thank him for the providing them with a competitive set of benefits.

Read the full case study

Getting set up with Handbook Perks

If you're already using Exhale and want to get set up with your own Handbook Perks, our team is ready to help. Give us a ring or reach out to and we'll get started right away.

If you're not using Exhale but want to learn more, drop us a line and we'll be happy to chat about how you can make the most of your existing (and new) benefits.

💡 Need to make an update? Contact us any time for updates to your Perks. Or, to update your Handbook Perks yourself, just log in to Exhale HQ and go to Manage Perks. Learn more about updating Handbook Perks.

TL;DR: With flexible customization tools and easy visibility right in the Exhale app, Handbook Perks are a perfect way to showcase your complete suite of benefits to employees, saving you time and boosting employee engagement. We call that a win-win!