Great Clips streamlines and elevates financial support for employees

Industry: Hair Salon
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Employees: 170

Key takeaways


Adoption rate among stylists


Decrease in time spent handling pay advances


Interest saved to date with Exhale advances
All data from Windjammers Great Clips, Minneapolis, MN

The challenge

Homegrown financial support helps staff, but proves hard to sustain

Over the past four years, franchise owners Marc and Robbie Massie have spent significant time and effort helping employees in times of need, including offering advances, bonuses, and extra monetary incentives. Even though employees were grateful for the support, increasing administrative tasks and costs weren't sustainable in the long run.

"We found we could increase retention by being available to employees financially if they needed help," said Robbie, referring to the formal loan procedure he and his brother developed.

However, tracking advances and deductions was a manual, time-consuming process. "When we learned Exhale was providing business-sponsored lending solutions that could handle this for us, it was a no-brainer."

The solution

Streamlined benefits, less admin work

Exhale's safe borrowing options allowed Great Clips to continue offering financial support while eliminating all related administrative tasks.

After a quick and easy onboarding process, the business has seen a 58% adoption rate among salon staff. And in less than a year, Exhale advances have saved employees thousands in interest. "Employees view Exhale as an extension of us as business owners," said Robbie. "After 10 months, I still have employees coming up to thank me for giving them the extra support."

By streamlining their financial support options and increasing visibility into pre-existing benefits, franchise owners like Marc and Robbie have seen a positive impact on recruiting and retention, with a boost in productivity for employee and employer alike.

"Exhale takes care of all the admin work. I don't need to keep track of anything, I don't need to update anything in payroll. It's so easy."

Robertson Massie
Franchise Owner, Great Clips

Featured Perks


Giving employees access to Great Clips’ heaviest hitting incentives has boosted recruitment and onboarding efforts for franchise owners, giving them a competitive advantage.


When employees need support for the unexpected, they can safely and easily take out an advance from Exhale at no interest, reducing administrative work and risk for business ownership.