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How to promote financial benefits during recruitment

Tips for employers on using financial wellness benefits to attract prospective employees.

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When determining what to highlight in your job description and recruiting materials, don't sleep on your financial benefits! Perks like earned wage access and employer-sponsored emergency savings are still relatively new, and many prospective employees might be unfamiliar with them. This is your chance to stand out to a wider pool of job applicants.

Below you’ll find some suggested tips and messaging for promoting financial benefits to your interview candidates and new hires.

Jazz up your job postings

The benefits section of your job description is your chance to highlight the ways you care for your employees. Even a short bullet point highlighting your financial wellness benefits can make a difference:

  • Daily access to your earned pay, savings options with rewards, and additional financial wellness benefits

Amp up your website and social media

Someone interested in working for you will most likely be checking your website and social media. Are you transparent about your employee experience in these public places?

Your website, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are perfect places to promote the perks that set you apart from the rest, including your financial benefits. Giving employees a voice on these channels (think short, informal interviews or "day in the life" videos) makes your brand more approachable and appealing.

Be prepared to answer benefits questions during interviews

In addition to promoting financial benefits in job postings, you may want to have some talking points ready in case applicants ask about them in interviews.

For example, here's how you can describe your benefits to applicants who may need scheduling flexibility or financial support:

  • "We want to make sure our people are supported when life happens. To help with this, we provide benefits like access to your money in between paychecks, available advances from a trusted partner, and automatic savings to help you build an emergency fund."

Employees often forego optional benefits because they're not sure how to get set up or where to find answers. Luckily, if you use a platform like Exhale, you can reiterate that these benefits are easy to access and a dedicated Support team is always available:

  • "We use a platform called Exhale to offer our financial wellness benefits. Palolo's Support Team is available to help you get started and can answer any questions you may have about which benefits are right for you."

Employees can opt in any time, no need to wait for open enrollment:

  • "Unlike enrollment for health benefits, you can opt into these financial benefits at any time. You can do it on a computer or phone using the app."

Additional resources

Exhale also has a variety of resources you can provide to employees or prospective employees. For one-pagers, sign-up posters, and more, just get in touch!