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Palolo is now Exhale

As we continue to expand our financial benefits and take the stress out of employee finances, we’re changing our name to match.

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We are thrilled to announce that Palolo is now Exhale.

After two years of developing the most comprehensive suite of financial wellness benefits offered on a single platform, we felt strongly it was time to make our name reflect the solution we've built.

Palolo held personal meaning for our founders, and as a startup name, it was wonderfully unique. (Perhaps a bit too unique—no one could remember it, or pronounce it!) 

But as we grew, expanding our product and our community, we found that it didn't fully encompass our mission to transform financial hardship into financial stability, or our powerful suite of benefits built for today’s workforce.

"I can finally breathe again."

That's a quote from our very first advance recipient, after paying off their credit card debt.

It's an unfortunate reality that personal finances are the top stressor among the workplace today. 57%[1] of employees across all industries said finances were their top cause of stress in 2023. 

Battling inflation and the rising cost of living, we’ve heard stories from employees who found themselves in debt trying to cover a vet bill, or who were forced to dip into their 401K savings after a car breakdown. 

No one should have to resort to payday loans or overdraft fees just to cover the essentials in between paychecks. We think the existing solutions are broken, and we can do better. 

And we know employers want to do more to help, but may often be facing financial stressors of their own.

Enter Exhale.

We're building tools to help you get the financial relief you need, when you need it. Whether it's access to earned wages to cover the electricity bill, quick start emergency funds, or an advance to get by until next payday, Exhale gives you room to breathe. 

And when you’re feeling stable, Exhale helps you grow your savings and your financial knowledge, so you can start leveling up.

Other financial benefits platforms tack on hidden fees to use these tools, adding to the burden of debt. We partner with employers who want to do right by their employees in order to give you access to these tools for free. It's a win-win for everyone (well, except payday lenders).

New name, same Perks.

If you're using Exhale already, rest assured that none of your Perks are changing. Our app and website will redirect to, where your login details and existing benefits remain the same. You'll start to see our new logo and colors throughout the app starting today.

We’re still the same team, with the same mission. Our Product Team is continually working to make your experience better, and to that end we're excited to announce our next batch of new features in the coming weeks.

To those who knew us as Palolo, thank you for being a part of our journey so far. 

This change gives us the opportunity to strengthen our product, our identity, and most importantly, your financial future. We're excited to rise to the challenge, and to have you along with us.