Small businesses in Reno retain talent with Exhale's financial benefits

Industry: Financial services
Location: Reno, NV
Average Employees: 200

Key takeaways


Fewer unplanned absences


Reduction in turnover
for businesses providing Earned Wage Access, as reported by other providers


Faster filling of open positions

The challenge

Local businesses struggle to keep talent in a competitive market

3rd Creek Accounting offers consulting services to small businesses and franchises in the booming Reno area. Director Harris Kirschner regularly advises clients in a wide range of industries, with a focus on employee benefits and payroll.

"Large corporations [in the area] are investing resources and attracting top talent with benefits that go beyond a salary," said Kirschner. "My clients need an affordable avenue to attract and retain the best talent and ultimately grow their business."

The solution

All-inclusive benefits cast a wide net

After being approached by other companies with similar offerings, Kirschner chose to recommend Exhale, which offered a more flexible range of financial benefits and a greater return on investment for employers, including:

• Easy onboarding with no payroll changes
• Immediate impact for employees needing financial support
• Increase in employee satisfaction and trust

Those that have taken 3rd Creek's recommendation have reported a clear uptick in employee satisfaction and vastly improved retention rates. "Once employees get access to financial tools that work for them, they won't leave for competitors across the street for 25 cents an hour more," said Kirschner. "It gives my franchisee clients a leg up with recruiting and retention."

"I refer Exhale to as many of my clients as I can. It's affordable and the benefits actually move the needle for employees."

Harris Kirschner
Director, 3rd Creek Accounting

Featured Perks

My Pay

Giving employees access to their funds early has reduced the need for more drastic measures, like getting caught in payday loan traps or liquidating 401K funds.


When employees need support for the unexpected, they can safely take out an advance from Exhale, a trusted partner to their employer, instead of a predatory lender.